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Labor tried to start several times on a Monday. I had off and on contractions throughout the early morning and day; but the busy activities and responsibilities were found to be labor stoppers. For example, I awoke to contractions in the morning -- but I had to get the kids to school and the housekeepers & yardmen were coming. My body seemed to know that was not going to be a good time; so the contractions stayed minimal. 


I took Rose and the twins to the mall for the morning, picked-up Michael from preschool, got everyone down for a nap ... and then hello contractions. I made all the needed phone calls. Brian was rushing to get home and get Grace from school. My labor team arrived; and my house filled with all the kids getting home and waking up. The strong contractions halted. We sent everyone home. 


I did a bit of last minute nesting. I totally drained and cleaned out the hot tub. 


Then like a magic switch ... as soon as the kids started getting their jammies on -- my contractions came back. It was just after 8pm. Within 15 minutes, I called my midwife, doula, and sister-in-law to come back over. 


The hot tub was still filling up -- but I found that I could sit over the heating element; and it felt perfect. Everyone got back to my house between 8:30 and 9pm. My midwife checked me (not sure what time) and I was at 5-6cm with a bulging bag of waters.


A few minutes after being checked, I thought in my mind -- these really hurt & I want this over with. I wondered what would happen if I just started pushing? 


Brian climbed into the hot tub to hold me; and with the next contraction I found that pushing indeed felt good! It was only a handful of contractions later that Belle began to emerge. 


Part of her bag of waters preceded her -- I reached down and touched it. Weird! It felt like a balloon coming out (and the bag didn't break until Belle came out -- that's called being born in the caul). Then with the next contraction (or two?? -- I don't quite remember) out came her head and body at 9:38pm. Intense -- but so relieving! 


My midwife, Sharon, was able to reach into the hot tub and catch little Belle. I got adjusted and sitting back so I could hold my sweet little prize. Brian and I sat in the hot tub and marveled at our newest daughter. How good our God is! 


Within an hour everything was settled and cleaned up. Brian drained & cleaned the hot tub back out, while the ladies helped me. By midnight Brian and I were sitting in our bed with little Belle. 


Homebirth is so wonderful for our family. Everything was peaceful and as it should be -- so we went to bed thankful and blessed with our new baby. 

Written by Kristen

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