About Us

Sharon Schmidt, L.M.

Sharon graduated from the 3 year direct-entry midwifery program at the School of Complementary Medicine, near Orlando, Florida in 1997. She is a Florida Licensed Midwife and opened Fruitful Vine Midwifery Service on May 18, 1998.

Sharon became interested in midwifery after the birth of their second child. Their first baby was born in the hospital with many interventions. During her second pregnancy, Sharon started doing a lot of reading and gathering information on childbirth. She and Ray decided to have their baby with a midwife who did out of hospital deliveries. That was a life changing decision for Sharon. It was after that birth that she realized the call on her life. "I wanted to be able to help women the way my midwife helped me. After his birth, I didn't have to think twice where I would have the next two babies!", says Sharon. 

Sharon has been married to Ray since 1978 and they have 4 children; Christopher (Brooke) , Michael (Colleen), Rebecca (Luke) and Jeffrey (Briana). They were all home schooled. Sharon and Ray have been blessed with nine wonderful grandchildren - Oliver (2009), twin girls - Coeur d'Lane & Lennon (2011).   In the midst of their joy in meeting the girls, they had to say goodbye to their sister, Emerson.  Fisher (2012), Parker (2014), Caroline (2014), Emmitt (2015) and Shepherd (2015).

Over the years Sharon has helped hundreds of women. She has been the childbirth educator, the doula (labor support person), the friend and the midwife. Sharon believes "Birth is a very sacred moment and to be present at a birth is an honor.

Tara Dettra, L.M.

Tara is a licensed midwife living in St. Augustine with her husband Greg and their five amazing children, who were all born at home. After the homebirth of their oldest daughter in 2004, Tara fell in love with midwifery and wanted to help other women have a similar empowering experience. She attended the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville, Florida and apprenticed primarily under Sharon Schmidt at Fruitful Vine.