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Home Birth Preparation

Gather the following supplies and have them in one place by 37 weeks. Most use a laundry basket to hold the items. 

  • Two sets of sheets and pillow cases

  • Six towels and six washcloths

  • Four receiving blankets

  • Plastic mattress protector, disposable drop cloth or shower curtain liner

  • Electric heating pad

  • Large hand held mirror - this item is optional. Consider having it if you would like to see your baby being born

  • Bright flashlight with new batteries

  • One roll of paper towels

  • Two plastic trash bags

  • Laundry basket for dirty clothes

  • One bottle alcohol and one large bottle hydrogen peroxide

  • 4 ounce unopened bottle of olive oil

  • Cotton balls and Q-tips

  • Large box of Kotex Overnight sanitary pads

  • Night Gown or Shirt to wear after your shower

  • Plenty of fluids such as drinking water, orange juice, white grape juice, herbal pregnancy tea or red raspberry leaf tea, sports drinks, honey, yogurt, frozen juice cubes

  • Food prepared ahead for family and birth team

  • Optional items and ideas to help celebrate your birth day: relaxing and inspiring music, flowers, candles, incense, aromatherapy, etc. Bake a birthday cake!

In addition to the above items you will need a birth kit. This can be purchased from Precious Arrows by calling 877-423-7796 (toll-free) or going to their website at  Be sure to request the custom kit for Fruitful Vine Midwifery Service.

In labor?

When you feel pretty certain that you are in labor, make up your bed with the clean sheets that you have for after the birth. Place a plastic sheet over them. Now, make the bed with the second set of sheets right on top of the plastic, This will make the bed ready for the birth.

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